Will a massage help my horse?

Horses are like people, they need stress relief to feel better.  Many times we take our horses for rides that use muscles that are not developed and never consider that we are over using our horses.  Sore muscles, improper fitting saddles and rough terrain cause our horses to become unwilling partners on the trail.  Often times we use our horses as athletes that have not been in training.  As you would imagine you would be sore from extended exercise and a muscle relaxing massage would feel good to you just as it would to your horse.

Stretching exercises help your partner relax as well as a good muscle massages.  There are times that a chiropractor may work on your horse’s alignment which is wonderful for the horse.  After the alignment a muscle massage will help your horse stay in alignment.  We want our horses to be the athletic animals that they are meant to be and we do need to help them along the way.  Stiff horses make for an uncomfortable ride, stillness creates issues with softness.  Does your horse pull back when you ask for a turn, raise his head, shake his head instead of going along with the tasks you have asked him to do?  If so, you may need to invest a little in his well being.

Stiffness in your horse is a sign that your horse is not feeling up to speed.  He is uncomfortable and in need of some relief.  There are simple exercises I will show you that you need to be doing on a regular basis to make your horse a happy more willing partner.  Especially if you are barrel racing, roping, jumping or doing endurance riding.  Even the occasional trail rider needs to consider if your horse has been legged up for the ride.  If you do not have your horse in shape for the ride you are going to create soreness which creates anxiety and difficulty in your horse’s performance.

Massage therapy is a nice treat for your horse and he will thank you for it by being a better behaved, better moving horse! Make an appointment today by calling 4172802219.